Curiosities about mass public transport

The oldest Metro System in the world is London’s. It was opened in 1863, it has 270 stations and covers 402 km.

Even though being a huge surface coverage it doesn’t make it the longest, which is in Seoul and covers 526.3 km. Seoul’s Metro, opened in 1973 has 379 stations. Despite having the largest coverage, Seoul’s metro does not make it to the top of highest number of stations.

New York’s metro system which has 468 stations is the metro system with most number of stations of the world. Opened in 1868 as elevated and then in 1904 underground “only” covers 373 km though, leaving it behind London’s system.

Location Year Opened Coverage Number of stations
London 1863 402 Km 270
New York City 1868 (Elevated) | 1904 (Subway) 373 Km 468
Budapest 1896 30.8 Km 42
Seoul 1973 526.3 Km 379
Shanghai 1993 468 Km 303